Leather Domino Set

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  • Domino tiles are finely crafted from solid walnut wood. 
  • Meticulously processed leather for a pleasurable touch.
  • Portable and easily stored on a bookshelf.
  • Its luxurious materials and timeless design make it an intergenerational heirloom and a wonderful gift.
Color: Tawny
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Craftsmanship at its finest

The leather domino set's intricate crafting demands artistic flair, innovation, and unwavering dedication from skilled craftsmen. Each stage, from sanding walnut wood to crafting a luxurious walnut wood box with heat-stamped wax leather, showcases their commitment.

Modern charm

Made from sturdy solid hardwood, the Leather Domino Set chess box boasts a natural brown color with beautiful wood grain details. Housing 28 tiles covered in heat-stamped waxed leather, this set merges modern style with a minimalist vibe, blending materials seamlessly.

Exceptional materials

We meticulously choose top-tier, high-quality materials to guarantee an unmatched tactile experience when you play with your domino set.

Leather artistry in every tile

Our artisans carefully oversee the leather process, ensuring each piece gets its unique texture and color. This creates personalized, handcrafted leather pieces for every domino tile, adding a heartfelt touch and attention to detail through skilled craftsmanship.

Timber to treasures

Using exceptional woodworking skills, our artisans transform raw walnut timber into an opulent finished product, crafting a stunningly luxurious domino box.

Elevate your home décor

The streamlined design and compact form of the Leather Dominoes Set not only enhance your interior but also serve as a striking addition to your bookshelf or coffee table. This cherished piece effortlessly complements your furniture and home, adding a delightful aesthetic touch to your space.

Personalized engravings

Share your name, a memorable date, a cherished quote, or a heartfelt message, and our team will expertly engrave it onto the wood. This adds a unique personalization perfect for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and family gatherings.


Product specification

  • Box: 7.1 x 4.4 x 1.3 inches (179.5 x 111 x 32 mm)
  • Tile: 1.89 x 0.91 inches (48 x 23 mm)

*This Domino set is handcrafted and does not meet the size requirements for a tournament domino.

What's in the box?

28 playing pieces

  • Walnut wood
  • Waxed leather

1.32 pounds (0.6 kg)

Customer Reviews

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Cody Roberts

This was amazing it's the second domino set I've purchased.

Kaylan Tipton

This set is beautiful. I even had it customized and it still shipped next day! Love! Want to see if would sell me a larger set.

Jose Luis Marques

Perfect, super quick. I would only suggest a center spinner for each tile to minimize wear


Great product just like description

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Great product. Very happy with them.