Leather Bau Cua Ca Cop Game - Hoo Hey How

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Made from top-notch vegan leather and infused with the lively spirit of Dong Ho paintings, the Bầu Cua - Hoo Hey How - Game embodies Asian cultural spirit. This decorative piece not only looks stunning, but also honors the traditional artistry of Dong Ho paintings, acknowledged as UNESCO's intangible heritage. Known for their vibrant colors and timeless symbols representing Lunar New Year's hopes, it carries heartfelt wishes for prosperity, abundance and blessings.

  • Inspired by vivid Dong Ho folk paintings - UNESCO's intangible heritage
  • Made from soft, supple leather with sharp UV printing
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • Includes a convenient tote bag for easy transportation

Celebrating Prosperity

Drawing from the inspiration of Dong Ho folk paintings, our Bau Cua Y Giao beautifully fuses old and modern Tet celebrations. It bridges contemporary Tet with cherished Vietnamese traditions, echoing the vibrant colors and timeless strokes of Dong Ho paintings that symbolize New Year's aspirations.

Rich cultural legacy

Dong Ho paintings, honored as UNESCO's intangible heritage, are famous for their vivid colors, expressive lines, and meaningful symbols. These artworks share stories of traditional values and hopes for luck, happiness, and success, created using precise woodblock printing. Their special appeal comes from their rustic charm and the detailed process, reflecting Vietnam's rich cultural legacy.

Built to last

Using UV printing technology and premium Japanese inks on synthetic leather, each detail promises lasting color durability. Soft, easy to clean, and water-resistant, this product offers a premium gaming experience for you and your family at every gathering.

Fun, Waterproof, and Easy-Clean

This bau cua ca cop set is made for a blast of family fun during Tet! It's waterproof and a breeze to clean, giving you more time to enjoy the game and festivities without any worries.


Product specification

  • Hoo Hey How board: D400x84mm
  • Dice: 25x25x25mm
  • Total product 0.6kg
  • Hoo Hey How board: PU leather, MDF, UV ink
  • Dice: Schima wood, UV ink
  • Dice bag: Canvas
What's included?
  • 1 Hoo Hey How board
  • 3 dice
  • 1 dice bag