Trojan Horse Race Game

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  • Drawing inspiration from "The Trojan Horse" legend, our Horse Racing Game set rekindles the lively spirit of ancient battles.
  • Crafted with care, each horse in colored cement boasts distinctive expressions and brass manes.
  • Our skilled artisans have meticulously polished the cement surface, lending it a refined and expressive appearance.
  • The board's clever design enables it to divide into four magnetized panels, making it ideal for effortless storage or travel.
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      Embrace Tradition

      Introducing Trojan Ludo, inspired by the legendary tale of "The Trojan Horse". This handcrafted game, enclosed by sturdy wooden walls symbolizing Troy, showcases exquisite artistry in each move, guiding your armies towards greatness. This modern twist on an ancient battle not only evokes nostalgia and victory but also doubles as an exquisite home display.

      Crafting Ludo's Finest.

      We've reimagined the typical ludo pieces with expertly polished brass accents and a textured cement surface. Each horse features a sleek design, sporting a cool expression and a keen look, meticulously handcrafted in colored cement and complemented by a durable brass mane.

      Beauty thrives in details.

      The thoughtfully crafted board is designed with built-in magnets and optimized construction, allowing it to split into four separate panels that neatly fold into an easy-to-carry box. This versatility enables you to showcase it as a decorative piece or bring it along on your travels. The minimalist design, accentuated by the rustic brick color scheme of the Trojan Ludo, transforms it into a coveted possession and eye-catching decor item.

      Unite in Play, Bond in Triumph

      Every game of Ludo offers both competition and a chance for players to bond. Through strategic dice rolls, it sparks enjoyable moments and strengthens connections. Gather your loved ones to experience the unique and captivating world of Trojan.


      Product specification

      Wooden board Specifications
      • Dimensions: L465 x W465 x H25 mm (L18.30 x W18.30 H0.98 inch)
      • Total weight: 2.7kg (~5.95 lbs)
      • Packaging weight: 3.9kg (~8.6 lbs)

      Pine wood, wood veneer, magnet, cement, brass.

      • 1 board
      • 2 dice
      • 16 horses

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      Item was carefully packaged and delivered quickly. Customer service and response was exceptional! Item is beautiful. Highly recommend seller!


      Beautiful Quality! We got it for Mensch Arger Dich Nicht, which uses the same board as the other games mentioned. The board goes counterclockwise, which is the opposite of what we are used to, but it's such a wonderful game board that it doesn't matter!