Wooden Bau Cua - Hoo Hey How Game

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Marrying the essence of Dong Ho paintings with a six-petal cherry blossom jam box design, Bầu Cua Ý Giao transforms into a meaningful holiday decorative piece, holding deep wishes for success, prosperity, and blessings.

  • A unique fusion of Bầu Cua and dried fruit box
  • Inspired by Dong Ho paintings - UNESCO intangible heritage
  • Meticulously crafted with wood inlay, joint wood techniques
  • Expertly crafted by 12 skilled artisans in 20 hours
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Celebrating Prosperity

Drawing from the inspiration of Dong Ho folk paintings, our Bau Cua Y Giao beautifully fuses old and modern Tet celebrations. It bridges contemporary Tet with cherished Vietnamese traditions, echoing the vibrant colors and timeless strokes of Dong Ho paintings that symbolize New Year's aspirations.

Strength and stability

Handcrafted wood inlay techniques and sturdy wood joinery minimize corner separation, ensuring durability and visual appeal. Additionally, the jam tray and dice box are coated with food-safe L.CO oil for a safe and enjoyable user experience.

Unique Dong Ho folk paintings

Beautifully harmonizes ancient and modern Tet festivities, our Bau Cua set aims to bridge today's Tet with Vietnam's timeless traditions. Inspired by the lively Dong Ho folk paintings renowned for vibrant colors and enduring strokes representing New Year's aspirations, this creation embodies our cultural legacy.


Product specification

  • Hoo Hey How box: D400x84mm
  • Jam tray: 122x175x48mm
  • Dice shaker: D122x60mm
  • Dice shaker lid: D145x10mm
  • Dice: 25x25x25mm
  • Product 3.6 kg
  • Packaging: 4.6 kg
  • Hoo Hey How box: Beechwood, walnut wood, MDF, UV ink
  • Jam tray: Beechwood
  • Dice shaker: Beechwood
  • Dice shaker lid: Jesmonite
  • Dice: Schima wood, UV ink
  • Dice bag: Canvas
What's included?
  • 1 Bau Cua (Hoo Hey How) box
  • 6 jam trays
  • 1 dice shaker
  • 1 dice shaker lid
  • 3 dices
  • 1 dice bag