Bau Cua Ca Cop Game - Hoo Hey How

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Built to withstand the test of time, our Bau Cua Game - Hoo Hey How encapsulates the profound cultural roots and essential elements of New Year celebrations. With a high level of artistic craftsmanship and deep connections to traditional artworks and legacies, our product transcends being a mere pastime; it is a heartfelt tribute to heritage and enduring traditions, fostering joy and laughter in every roll.

    Style: Wooden Bau Cua Y Giao
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    Celebrating Prosperity

    Explore our Bau Cua collection, where each edition seamlessly blends the essence of both old and modern Lunar New Year celebrations. Every artwork serves as a bridge between contemporary New Year inspiration and beloved Asian traditions, encapsulating wishes for prosperity, happiness, and wealth in the Year of the Dragon.

    Rock cultural cool vibes

    Every piece in our Bau Cua collection pays homage to a lively cultural heritage. Let's take a closer look at our freshest drop, Bau Cua Y Giao - it's the genuine article featuring Dong Ho paintings, the UNESCO-approved cool cats. These artworks are a burst of bold colors, expressive lines, and symbols that weave visual tales of timeless values and dreams of good vibes, happiness, and success. Crafted with some slick woodblock printing, the extra cool touch? Their laid-back charm and the complete step-by-step process that proudly echoes Vietnam's cultural grandeur.

    Roll, Laugh, and Create Memories Together

    Engaging with Bau Cua isn't just a game; it's about creating lasting memories, sharing laughter, and enjoying the thrill of tradition together. Each roll becomes a small but significant part of the collective story you build with loved ones.

    Built to last

    Every Bau Cua Edition is made from premium materials, from vegan leather to solid hardwood, ensuring durability for countless gatherings. Enjoy a top-notch experience and endless rounds of laughter with our quality game sets.


    Product specification


    Leather Y Giao

    Wooden Y Giao

    Leather Loc Uyen





    • Hoo Hey How board: D400x84mm
    • Dice: 25x25x25mm
    • Hoo Hey How box: D400x84mm
    • Jam tray: 122x175x48mm
    • Dice shaker: D122x60mm
    • Dice shaker lid: D145x10mm
    • Dice: 25x25x25mm
    • Board size (spread): 400x600x5mm (15.74 x 23.62 x 0.2 inch)
    • Board size (fold): 400x200x15mm (15.74 x 7.87 x 0.6 inch)
    • Dice size: 25x25x25mm (0.98 x 0.98 x 0.98 inch)
    • Package size: 410x218x60mm (16.14 x 8.58 x 2.36 inch)
    • Lucky envelopes: 102x102mm
    • Total product 0.6kg
    • Product 3.6 kg
    • Packaging: 4.6 kg

    Total product 0.5kg

    • Hoo Hey How board: PU leather, MDF, UV ink
    • Dice: Schima wood, UV ink
    • Dice bag: Canvas
    • Hoo Hey How box: Beechwood, walnut wood, MDF, UV ink
    • Jam tray: Beechwood
    • Dice shaker: Beechwood
    • Dice shaker lid: Jesmonite
    • Dice: Schima wood, UV ink
    • Dice bag: Canvas
    • PU leather
    • UV ink
    • Resin
    • Paper art
    • Golden foil